Two Streets Over

Way back around 1979 a band formed in Cumberland, RI with founding members Scott Lachance (keyboards) and Steve Doyle (guitar). Steve brought in Mark Fiore for drums and Rick Lepore auditioned for bass guitar and got the part. After several disappointing auditions for a female vocalist, a neighbor was mentioned who lived two streets over and Linda showed up for an audition and well... she sealed the band. About a year and a half later Steve Doyle left the band to pursue a career near Boston. Butch Gallop was an old bandmate of Mark and came to audition. Butch brought huge vocal and guitar talents to the band and a new direction. Rick taught us vocal parts to achieve 3 and 4 part harmonies and Linda added a vocal range that was heavenly.

Below are old basements tapes from that time. 1979-1982

Five musicians singing and playing their hearts out. (out takes included !)

Turning Japanese by the Vapors

TSO_turning Japanese.mp3

"I got your number" by the Jags