Abby Way Studio for the love of sound ;)

AbbyWayStudio is a project studio capable of audio, podcasts, video editing and video soundtracks. A private studio engineered by Scott Lachance who has a certification in audio engineering from Audio Institute of America.

AWS has many production capabilities, in business since 2003 AWS produced several artists including DigiTube, Niecy-G and Twlight synphonies. We have produced several videos for special events, anniversaries, graduations and a 100 year church celebration compact disc. Digitube has several CD's available including two available in the Creative Commons Share format and two on iTunes and or CD-Baby / Amazon details available on Digitube's page.


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AbbywayStudio Recordings

Abby Way Studio for the love of sound ;)

Single by Scott Lachance

featuring Audrey Karrasch